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Frequently Asked Suggestions (redux)

PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:42 am
by kiraen
I don't know if I will be able to maintain this thread. We will see what happens. A sticky would be nice, since Eucale's thread has been removed.
It would also help if the veterans could help me flesh this out.

I'm going to separate suggestions into 4 categories and provide links when I can.

This suggestion has been made. In some cases many, many, many times. Please don't post it again. Use the attached link to give your support.

Expanded Door Control
-----Way to many posts about it. All types and flavors.
-----I think this actually goes in the Confirmed category, something about the 'fear system', but I can't find the links.
Container/barrel/chest Improvements
-----This is almost as bad as the doors. I just took the most recent post, but the suggestions go back over a year.
Hauling improvements
-----Again, many posts. Most recent post.
Group Uniforms
Batch Creation
Larger Maps
-----I think this was denied, but I can't find a link. Something about engine limitations.

Either supermalparit or burningpet has a made a post supporting this suggestion and indicated that something will be done along these lines. Use the attached link to view/participate in the discussion.

Equiping Heroes - burningpet
Hero Shops - burningpet
Seperate/Expanded Priorities - burningpet(sort of)
Terrain replacement/terraforming - burningpet
Greenhouses - burningpet

Partially Implemented
This is already being worked on, but is not yet complete. I will try to also include version numbers when possible. Use the attached link to view/participate in the discussion.

Jobs System - burningpet
-----Civilian groups with adjustable priorities were implemented in v11.
-----It seems to still need some tweaking, but that part hasn't been confirmed
Happiness Indicator
-----Expected in v12

Either supermalparit or burningpet has a made a post indicating that it is not going to happen. Ever. Not even if you sacrifice your first born. Use the attached link to beg and plead. Not that it will do you any good. You are better off turning your efforts to something that has even the smallest chance of success. Like making a tofu and spinach casserole that tastes good.

Controlling Heroes - burningpet

I said there would only be 4 categories. This would be the 5th. This category will remain empty. Suggesting that SMP make a game about building a town on top of a dungeon is just ridiculous.

Also, I hereby give my permission to the website administration/moderators to edit this post and/or transfer ownership of this post (via copy/paste of necessary) should I fail to maintain it.