Modding suggestions

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Modding suggestions

Postby kiraen » Tue Mar 12, 2013 10:54 am

Since this is primarily for my personal modding I expect these to get low priority from the devs (as they should). But who knows, they might come in handy for other aspects of the game. Anyway, my wishlist.

Hero XP adj - gain xp for skill usage, other tasks, not just base atk dam. The amount would be determined by what level the hero got the skill and/or an xp tag in the skills.xml. It doesn't have to be a lot, but it doesn't seem right that heroes get no xp for using skills.

Skill leveling - having values in skill/effects change based on a heroes level. This would probably have to go in effects.xml to work right, so townies should always be considered lvl1. Might even need multiple tags in the effects. or maybe just a $(lvl) indicator in the dice roll?
ex: $(lvl)d20+50
ex: 2d$(lvl)+$(lvl)

<sleepZone> - for heroes, like <eatZone> (custom herorooms can currently be taken by any hero, even if that heroroom is a comePrerequisite)

<comePrerequisites> include:
* <hero> - A list of heroes that need to be here first
* <antihero> - A list of heros that need to be absent
* <cash> - town money level

<fleeChance> - Adjusting the flee value (currently hardcoded at 20% ? )

Effect Icons - <animated> to allow frames, something more then just a flashing static image.

Maps UI - allow deeper menu levels. Currently you just have the campaigns and then a list of maps. I'd like to be able to sort things further into sub-campaigns then the maps. Maybe even deeper menus.
ex: kiraen's Maps->(Easy/Advanced/Hard)->(Flatlands/Mountains/Desert)->map list
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Re: Modding suggestions

Postby Btrixy » Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:26 pm

<onActivation> Start animation when townie uses item, when not using a static frame.
(for example wheat mill animation starts working once a townie makes flour and stops when townie leaves)

Possible uses are, animation of workshops, townies play chess when both seats are taken or townie walks a bit drunk after drinking beer :D
I also thought when placing water next to tilted ground it shows irrigated ground.
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Re: Modding suggestions

Postby Sanzul » Tue Apr 16, 2013 7:18 am

Something I'd really like would be a <onHitEffectsSelf> tag for use in effects.xml. It would work the same as <onHitEffects>, but the effect goes on the attacking entity rather than the target being hit.

It would allow for less clumsy implementations of area effect procs (it's currently possible to make area effect stun procs, but they won't trigger if the initial target dies from the triggering hit), life stealing weapons, an axe of the beast that has a chance to briefly turn you into a bear, etc.
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