So, when will we get an update?

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Re: So, when will we get an update?

Postby Procne » Mon Feb 03, 2014 9:16 pm

muzzy wrote:Sure, they don't have to justify business decisions or tell about them, but they did it halfway already. They used the contract as PR material on bay12 for several days in row to keep their thread hot. Can't see why it's rude to ask them about something they used to advertise their product.

It's not rude to ask, but it's rude demand and to jump into wild conclusion when you don't get all the answers about something that you do not need to know.

Anyway, the real issue is that I don't understand why SMP would step back after they had the contract. So I'm thinking maybe SMP didn't agree to this, maybe the contract is still valid and Pixel Piracy team simply believes that Xavi won't be going after them in the court because he's friends with Alex or something.

The most obvious answer is that Alex of the Pixel Pirates (PP) asked burningpet for help in publishing the game. Burningpet suggested that Alex publishes the game on his own, but agreed and signed the contract. Then, Alex decided he can publish it on his own after all so both parties, being friends and all, decided to void the contract.

Sheesh, they said they are friends, you are looking for problems where there are none.
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Re: So, when will we get an update?

Postby muzzy » Mon Feb 03, 2014 9:55 pm

AFAIK burningpet doesn't own SMP and thus doesn't have right to sign contracts for SMP, but I could be wrong. I'm assuming Xavi is involved in this, and thus he's the only one who can void the contract. Has he done so? His track record doesn't look very good right now so I don't really like the silence around the issue... We know NOTHING about what's going on with Xavi and what his intentions are. What drove him to rush Towns into Steam? Would he do it again? We just don't know.

PS. Hey burningpet, how many days is "a few more days" again? I promised to remind you about it this week, and here were are. I suppose it wouldn't be a stretch if you meant a bit more than a week. This sure is beginning to feel like a slippery slope though :)
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Re: So, when will we get an update?

Postby burningpet » Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:20 pm

It is supposed to come today. my guess? it wont.

i left the team. its very sad indeed. i loved this game and for the most parts, i loved working on it. it still has tons of potential and in my totally non objective opinion, in concept, its the most interesting one in this genre (aside DF of course)

You can obviously guess what xavi is about to announce by now, but he should do it. his decisions, his actions, his responsibility to announce them. i have taken so much (undeserved for the most parts) spiderite that i simply refuse to be the one to usher these words.

I have spoken with rasmus and we both discussed the possibility of giving Dwelvers for free to all Towns purchasers, but this has not been decided yet. honestly, if it was just my game, there would have been no question involved, but this genre is a niche one and "losing" 200+ k potential costumers might be a tough decision. rasmus just wanted to do it, but it pains me that he will have to "pay" for actions that other people committed. regardless, i strongly think rasmus is a different kind of developer and i utterly believe he will take dwelvers to the best possible heights so even if we end up just giving a deep discount, i urge you to try and look beyond the two teams connections and try to judge rasmus and dwelvers on their own.

Well, i have also believed we would have seen towns through the end, even when things went shaky, so, yeah, don't count on my ability to judge those situations, but i can tell you this: rasmus development style is far more player oriented.

I will post a detailed post mortem sometime on the future but i wont promise when. ill just say this: i was not 100% perfect through out this entire fiasco. i too have my faults and could have probably handled things much better, i realize this completely. i could have pushed more (well, it would have probably done nothing because i pushed... god knows i have and i can prove it) and i could have done more. and for not doing that, i am truly sorry.
i admit that my spirit was broken, probably some short time after that steam launch and i never truly recovered from seeing this little baby being delivered prematurely.

Regardless of how this game can look like, or be like, i still think its enjoyable, its interesting and it can bring a lot of moments of fun and joy. i think it can provide for more fun hours than most of the AAA titles i have seen out there and its in better shape than games that cost more (gameplay speaking). whether you buy it now or not has no effect on me anymore, but if i would have to recommend, i'd say, sure, go grab the demo and if you like it, buy it.

There were times that i loved coming to these forums and there were times i just couldn't bring myself to even dare and speak here. i do not blame the community at all, but saying that i loved every bit of it would be a lie so i wont say it. i did find myself inspired over and over again by the stories, creations, discussions and mods you guys have contributed and those have served as fuel to our engines. one of the biggest reasons this game didn't stop just after the steam launch was this community and for that i can only thank you and try and show my gratitude.
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Re: So, when will we get an update?

Postby ragnar » Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:32 pm

Very disappointing. This will have a huge negative impact on everything you do in the future.
Is there a possibility for releasing the code as open source?

Also can we know why did xavi push the release on steam? He wanted to quit the game back than, so he can at least get some more money on steam?
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Re: So, when will we get an update?

Postby burningpet » Tue Feb 04, 2014 12:05 am

I realize that, of course.

Last time i suggested the option, the notion of open source was rejected. if some time in the future it does go open source, i will gladly assist in any way i can.
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Re: So, when will we get an update?

Postby muzzy » Tue Feb 04, 2014 12:41 am

Mmmkay, wasn't expecting this. I still want to see his announcement, because I can't guess with 100% certainty what he's going to announce.

Since you say the purchases no longer mean anything to you, you mean you aren't getting paid any for any sales happening after this? This is interesting, because Steam lists your name as the developer alongside Xavi's name. Everyone has considered you as the co-author of Towns and not merely an employee, definitely not as a grunt who has handed over all his intellectual property rights to Xavi's company. We thought you guys had split the ownership and split the profits. This is a seriously huge WTF.

I expected you to have a little bit more power in SMP than this. What exactly did your contract say about your job description? Also, are you currently under any NDAs on things related to SMP?
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Re: So, when will we get an update?

Postby Jon_jon13 » Tue Feb 04, 2014 1:51 am

Sad, sad news indeed. I'm very very sorry. I was expecting something... positive. This is just the opposite.

Let's hope the other news are better, but I can't say I'm expecting anything good after this.

Oh, man.
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Re: So, when will we get an update?

Postby exelsisxax » Tue Feb 04, 2014 3:02 am

Well, now I'm sad. I'm going to email my mom and watch videos of puppies and kittens for the next hour.
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Re: So, when will we get an update?

Postby Badger » Tue Feb 04, 2014 3:21 am

What does this mean for the future of Towns? Will there even be a v15? Regardless, I'm gonna miss ya...

Sad badger is sad. T_T
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Re: So, when will we get an update?

Postby muzzy » Tue Feb 04, 2014 4:10 am

The future? That depends on what exactly is going on. There are several possibilities that come to mind.

The fact that burningpet speaks of writing a postmortem strongly suggests it's the end of life for Towns. It could also be an unfortunate choice of words, though, and he intends to detail his experiences now that his work has come to an end. We'll only know for sure after the official announcement comes.

Another theory is that either SMP or Towns has been sold and a third party will take things from here on. This could mean the development continues eventually, but there's no guarantees about it. It would depend on the buyer. The buyer could be someone that believes the game can still be marketed and sold as-is.

Anyway, it's mostly pointless to speculate right now. I'll wait for the announcement, hoping it really comes today.
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