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Re: [14e] [MOD] Towns++ v14e2

Postby GreyFalcon » Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:15 pm

Sigyn wrote:I'm having the same problem as TheObserver only I'm not running any mods other than Towns++v14e2 (no buried towns). After I hit 40 or so citizens, all my group assignments became meaningless. For example, I have a group assigned to only harvest but now they are mining, building, etc. I noticed it last night. I've saved and reloaded several times today but my citizens just are using the overall priority system rather than their assigned tasks. Any suggestions?

I've run into this same thing around 25 or so citizens on a few occasions. Seeing this and also reading BlueSteel's remarks I am thinking along the same lines as this may be a vanilla glitch that rarely happens as not every game I've played has had this issue. Only a very very few... like two or three at most. The only solution was to 'trash' the town and start a new game. I could never get them to go back to using their normal settings. And from my understanding of the coding of the mod, there is nothing in it that could even remotely cause this rare behavior.

If I could get my hands on the coding I might, given some time, be able to track down this bug and squish it... but then something tells me that BlueSteelAUS would LOVE to have his fingers into that coding at some point too. :P
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Re: [14e] [MOD] Towns++ v14e2

Postby BlueSteelAUS » Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:16 am

wow i'm surprised these forums and site are still here.. if this site ever does go down you can always catch me in the steam group. and my mod at nexusmods https://www.nexusmods.com/towns/mods/3
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