[MM][v8a] Ether Realms v1.2 (Updated 31st Dec)

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[MM][v8a] Ether Realms v1.2 (Updated 31st Dec)

Postby Rogem » Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:30 pm


So, what I've done is added magic and related stuff to the game. My primary idea is centered on Elementals, in order to make sure none of those Toadys or Goblin leaders get to kill my people. My people, Shepard.

And thus far, that is what it does. Adds elementals, beacons(turrets!) and elemental weapons, as well as some new instruments, raw materials and items in order for you to be able to create them. Also, I took a screen for you guys to see what I've done with the menus :D Here it is. Couldn't fit it in the forums and wasn't bothered to make a smaller one.

I'll get some new screens soon...

Over 300 downloads!

Please backup your game before installing! I will not take responsibility for your game files going faulty when you uninstall.

This mod is meant to be used with Mod Manager.
1) Download the files.
2) Extract the ZIP-folder into \Towns\Mods\
3) Open Mod Manager
4) Select Ether Realms in the Exe
5) Click Install
6) Run Towns
7) Report any crashes, bugs or similiar stuff in this thread.
(I know about that utility menu thing. It's going to be like that for now, I had the game crash every time I tried to fix it.)

Further stuff you may wanna know:
- I am mostly a lazy ass.
- The mod is translated to Spanish - well, at least 80% of it 8-) Credit from translations go to Jon_jon13
- Here's a to-do list for you people who like reading stuff:

- Mana farming (v1.3)
- New resources (v1.3)
- New hostiles (v1.3)
- New neutrals (v1.3)
- Spells and research (v1.3)
- New maps (v1.3)

- Q&A? Here you go:

Q: What took you so long?
A: I'm a really lazy ass. Also, YetiChow was slow with the sprites.
Q: So Yeti makes sprites for you?
A: Yes, but at the moment we've both done an equal work.
Q: When is the v1.3 patch coming out?
A: I'm aiming for 14th of January, v1.2 translation patch is likely to be released before that.
Q: How many more patches are you going to make?
A: At the moment I'm planning to make two or three more.
Q: I think [insert item, elemental, etc.] is too expensive/weak/cheap/strong. Can you do something about it?
A: Yes, just tell me what it is that you think is unbalanced. Please, send me a PM or reply to this thread. Please bear in mind that this mod is supposed to add stuff to the mid- and late game.

- I have a changelog right here. Updating when stuff gets added, fixed or so.

Code: Select all
v1.2 [31/Dec/2012]

- New raw materials: Paper and Enchanted Paper
- New workshops: Scribe's Station and Papermaker
- Elemental decay and on-hit effects
- New weapons: Lava Lash, Ice Lance and Storm Bow
- Wind elementals


- Changed elementals to use twisted (purple) mana crystals and to drop empty purple crystals
- Changed beacons to use clear (blue) mana crystals and to drop empty blue crystals
- Adjusted beacon ranges and made the frost and flame beacons to be AoE (at least should be)
- Translation to Spanish about 80% done for this patch
- New elemental graphics

v1.1 [17/Nov/2012]

- Added Beacons
- Added focuses (a basic component for beacons and elementals)

v1.0 [12/Nov/2012]

- Initial release

I removed the original flavor story due to it occupying a huge space. If you really need to read it, check the post I made for it.

P.S. If any of the links don't work... I'd like to be informed so I can fix.
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Re: [MM][v8a] Ether Realms (Magic!)

Postby LittleMikey » Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:57 pm

Sounds very interesting! What is implemented so far? Just the new forge?
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Re: [MM][v8a] Ether Realms (Magic!)

Postby barshems » Tue Nov 13, 2012 12:55 am

I hope this doesn't kill your resolve for improving the game. However you can actually right click your stockpiles > Manage Stock Pile > Manage Colors > Disable Green Gel. I hope it saves you some trouble.
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Re: [MM][v8a] Ether Realms (Magic!)

Postby YetiChow » Tue Nov 13, 2012 5:05 am

I'm happy to help out if you'd like with graphics and some coding things; I'm largely an ideas guy and I'm good at coming up with ideas that are just crazy enough to work, but I can also help out with spriting in a pinch (although I'd never class myself as "good" or "experienced" or "fast", I can get them done... eventually :lol:)

I can certainly help with effects, decaying elementals and genearlly adding new stuff which has interesting properties/effects etc.

On the note of Translations, JonJon 13 might help out if you ask him - PM him a request if you're interested.

I should warn you that I have plans to do another magic mod at some point in the future; I've already agreed to a collaboration with another guy so it will happen at some point. We're laid back like you though so it's a ways off (we're in the middle of a Firearms mod which has been in development for several motnths now and is far from ready to be called "finished"), and if you're interested we could look at combining our ideas into your mod rather than having competing mods (of course it would still be your mod, you'd just have an even bigger team to help out). If you're not put off by a possible conflict of interest (though unlikely it does come in for things like copyright - not a huge issue but I don't know where you're planning to take this mod and I don't want to mess up any of your plans) then I'd love to help :D
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Re: [MM][v8a] Ether Realms (Magic!)

Postby Rogem » Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:08 am

@LittleMikey: a basic crafting table used for all the new items, three kinds of crystals of which one is actually used for crafting atm, and also their charged counterparts, a "forge" to charge the crystals and two different kinds of elementals.

@barshems: • • • I. Know.

@YetiChow: of course we can merge projects. If you want to start working on something right away, you could try making a couple of different magical devices to be used as the workshop items. Or then make a decay effect for the elementals. Whichever suits you.

I myself will start working on the mana farming and stationary defenses. Also making the vanilla wands craftable. As for my personal thoughts... I'll have a real big laugh if this becomes the best-known mod for Towns.
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Re: [MM][v8a] Ether Realms (Magic!)

Postby Colombo » Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:28 am

YetiChow: you can't work with him, you are working with me!

Rogem: I am creating civilization mod (big project) with lot of way to ....
To shorten it, there is copper, which doesn't have mutch use. One type of copper alloy was Orichalcum. Atlantean goldish copper with mystical properties.
You can have brass golem with orichalcum hearth:
mine copper -> copper ore
3 copper ore ->refine-> brass/bronze
6 copper ore ->refine-> orichalcum
lets say:
orichalcum hearth+6 bronze=Brass golem

or something like that.

Without other metals and other properties, players could just install your mod without need of starting new map with modified generator.
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Re: [MM][v8a] Ether Realms (Magic!)

Postby Rogem » Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:40 pm

I think I'll probably stay off minerals and metals altogether - exactly because of so many mods adding so many metals and stuff. Besides, I've been more interested in making mana-based constructs or making stuff from virtually nothing. Of course, you'd have some reagents that you'd need in order to perform your magic tricks. Furthermore, it seems more logical to me that the elements implemented would be more of a Ying-Yang sort of thing, with the balance of the energies deciding effects.

What I had in mind was Fire and Water - Fire being destructive, formless, perhaps even uncontrollable, where as Water would be protective, supporting and easy-to-control. Their balance would be Wind - created by the two elements changing the temperature of the air in a balance. Of course, that'd mean that Wind is a sort of mix between the two. Where as Fire elementals would be quick and destructive, Ice elementals would be able to freeze and/or slow their enemies with little to no damaging capabilities and Wind being able to knock over enemies for a short duration, while retaining the ability to deal some damage. For the stationary defenses, I believe that they should be an AoE dot applying turret for Fire, slowing AoE beacon for Ice and Single-target long-range damaging turret for Wind.

The turrets are what I'll be working on today, so let's see what I'll be able to piece together.

EDIT: Yush! I got the basic turret operational! (They're called Beacons in-game, btw) Now I'll make the attack effects, but apparently I can't make AoE effects for auto-attacks at least now. Oh well.
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Re: [MM][v8a] Ether Realms (Magic!)

Postby Rogem » Sat Nov 17, 2012 9:36 pm

Updated: v1.1 implemented.

Updating changelog, links and to-do now.

Edit: Oh, and I've discussed combining our works with the creator of Enchanted Arts, Pychnight, since he's stopped working on his project. So far, so good.

Edit 2: He's approved. Thus, the process of adding those enchantments will be faster. By tons.
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Re: [MM][v8a] Ether Realms v1.1

Postby Rogem » Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:07 am

So, just a quick update on the situation here:

I'm not ending this project. I'm still working on it, but I currently have exams going at school, so I wont be able to do any work before Friday.
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Re: [MM][v8a] Ether Realms v1.1

Postby Kronuse » Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:50 am

Ok, tried to play a game that I saved previously with Ether Realms after uninstalling and it crashes on that saved game. I have looked through all equipment and haven't seen anything left from this mod. I don't know if this is a bug or just a side-effect to using the mod, though usually the items just disappear from my saved game when I remove some of the other mods I use when I was testing them out.

P.S. forgot to mention that re-installing the mod lets the game run just fine.
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