[v7][MM1.02]Oak test Mod + addons:acorn,pine,keeper

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[v7][MM1.02]Oak test Mod + addons:acorn,pine,keeper

Postby smithforge » Sun Oct 14, 2012 9:24 am

Oak Test Mod
by smithforge

Base mod + acorns and pine addons http://www.mediafire.com/?ik6svholafyfqo8
oak keeper addon http://www.mediafire.com/?svn1ec1ssvyfurv

- Requires Mod Manager (tested with v1.02)
- original idea thread here

Although I have made explicit effort to make this mod works and playable. this is a demo and only a part of some other experimental modding I am doing. Thus, support for this mod individually is not guaranteed (if it is not too much work and I have the time, I don't mind doing it but if it gets too expensive to separate this part out by itself, may have to delay everything until I can put up this mod as a part of something bigger? But like I said, no guarantees, sorry)

Mods/sf_oak - base mod
Mods/sf_oak_addon_acornfood - addon to use acorn as food source
Mods/sf_oak_addon_pine - replaces pine trees as well
Mods/sf_oak_addon_treekeeper_oak - revamp tree keepers into oak keepers which is integrated into the oak forest life cycle.

There are more details in the readme files in each mod folder.

- Backup your current game data
- Copy the contents of Mods into the Mods folder of Mod Manager (default location is in your towns application folder)
- Run Towns Mod Manager, select oak mod and install
- optionally, select oak mod addons and install
- Start Towns game and create a new map (may work with savegames, but no gaurantee)

- Revamp default tree and bush (only 1 type) into oak.
- Allows designation of oak trees into wild, farmed and parked variants.
- All grown oak trees spawn acorns, but only wild acorns have a chance to spawn new trees.
- Acorns is a gatherable resource that is used to re-plant farmed oak trees when they are chopped
- New chopping mechanics (only for oak). citizens now requires a woodaxe (this mod has a production menu item that currently creates woodaxes for free). Also, wood-chopping does not yield a wood directly, but changes the tree into a fallen tree. The fallen tree can then be processed to give a wood, leaving behind a tree stump.
- Tree stumps of wild and park variants will disappear after some time, but farmed variant stumps will not disappear by itself but there is an automatable task that allows citizens to replant new farmed oak seedlings where tree stumps of farmed oak are. However, all tree stumps can be cleared by "cutting".
- optional addon mod (contained within) allows the use of acorns as a food source (acorn roast, acorn soup and process acorn into normal flour to be used in baking)
- optional addon mod (contained within) replaces pine trees with new version using similar mechanics as oak

- Due to scripting mechanics, you will get a lot of acorn "dying" messages. This cannot be helped until the dev put in something to suppress such messages for "prop" entities.
- The growth rate and spawn rate may not be balanced. In a long game, wild oak may grow into a forest too fast. Employ woodcutters to clear them, or make sure you block off areas with walls (acorns cannot move past walls)
- There is a total lack of spanish translations (sorry. can't help with that and there are too much to simply request in a post for help). If somebody can translate everything and upload it somewhere, I can change the download link to point to that.

Tree farming in action:
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Re: [v6][MM1.02]Oak test Mod + acorn food addon

Postby 8BitHazey » Sun Oct 14, 2012 11:19 am

Congratulations on your release, I look forward to giving this a shot tomorrow and will post some feedback.
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Re: [v7][MM1.02]Oak test Mod + acorn addon + pine addon

Postby smithforge » Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:11 am

- ported and check (with almost no adjustment actually) to v7 using MM 1.02.
-cleaned up habitat to use group.
-clean up a few things (e.g. fix treesleeper block image so that they won't appear different when flattened. Also changed the name to match oak so that their names won't give them away... but too lazy to bind similar actions so that they are triggered when trying to give them a farmed/park designation)
-included another addon: Pine, which replaces pine which is almost a clone of the oak version (including using the new chopping/farming methods), except that pine cones cannot be used as a food source. (If this is not used, the original pine in base game will still use the original chopping style, which does not requires woodaxe and produce wood directly)

Pine cones seem to have very little use except maybe as a craft material for decoratives. If there are ideas how to make pine be more distinct from oak (e.g. growth rate?), please tell me.
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Re: [v7][MM1.02]Oak test Mod + acorn addon + pine addon

Postby Pychnight » Tue Oct 16, 2012 4:54 am

I must admit the idea is pretty great and the execution is very well done, there must be a way for it to grow tree keepers randomly. ^^ :roll:
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Re: [v7][MM1.02]Oak test Mod + acorn addon + pine addon

Postby smithforge » Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:18 am

Pychnight wrote:I must admit the idea is pretty great and the execution is very well done, there must be a way for it to grow tree keepers randomly. ^^ :roll:

Not sure if I misunderstood you, but if you refer to my mentioning of treesleepers in earlier post, it just refer to disguising them. When I post the current release, the disguise was not complete yet. It has matching graphics (I fixed the flaw when it was flattened), matching names in this version, but for normal trees, my mod allows context action (via right click) to designate it as Farmed or Park or to remove all designations (Wild). This was not done for treesleepers, which should actually have similar actions but instead of doing normal thing, it will wake up the sleeper just like the default chop. Also, the current chop for treesleeper should be modified so that citizens will try to pick up a woodaxe to make it indistinguishable from normal chopping at first...

But if you mean creating treesleepers "naturally", coincidentally, it is already in design and just posted by me in another thread. I am not sure when I will clean up everything again for another release, but you could read the idea there. It is actually quite simple once the design is understood, and could be fun.... ;)
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Re: [v7][MM1.02]Oak test Mod + addons:acorn,pine,keeper

Postby smithforge » Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:13 pm

This is a small addon for fun though it may still need some more testing...

Oak Mod addon - Oak Keepers

This requires the basic oak test mod and should be installed after it


This replaces tree keepers (only 1 type) with Oak keepers which are similar, but is fitted into the forest life cycle. (self spawning)

Any WILD oak which lived long enough, will reach the end of its life span (Farmed and Park versions are exempted as they do not have a max lifespan). At this point, there is a chance that the oak will become a sleeping Oak Keeper (treekeeper for oak), which will look just like any normal grown oak, until a citizen disturbs it by trying to cut it or designating it as a Farmed or Park tree. The Oak Keeper will become a living creature and will start to attack friendlies and heroes nearby. If the awakened keeper is not killed and wandered long enough, it will fall into sleep again, and will most likely become just a normal tree. If a sleeping Oak Keeper is not disturbed for a long time, it will become a normal tree again, until some more time passes before it either dies or become a sleeping keeper again. When an oak keeper is killed, it will drop a "fallen tree" which can then be processed into log as a normally chopped oak.

The end result is that any old wild oak forest will automatically have a chance of generating Oak Keepers, and that we CANNOT tell which tree is the keeper as keepers may transform to and from normal trees. (even if the tree is a normal tree now, it doesn't mean it will still be a normal tree later. likewise, even if you know that a tree is a sleeping keeper, it may become a normal tree after some time)

Download (link also in OP)

Edit:fixed a missing entries in graphics.ini
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Re: [v7][MM1.02]Oak test Mod + addons:acorn,pine,keeper

Postby smithforge » Mon Oct 22, 2012 7:47 am

just a tiny update... and see if anybody can give any additional ideas.

Just a recap:
One of my goals, for these experiments, is to make the map more... alive. Or at least try to give a good performance ;)

Due to my keeping the growth rate of wild trees vs farmed trees the same, I had balanced it by only having 5% of the wild acorns spawn new seedlings (if on appropriate ground. Farmed and Park trees will produce seeds but they will never spawn new seedlings on their own).
I also used a living seed that moves by itself over a short distance, to get around the problem of trees being too close together.

In addition, as both a means of breaking up forests which are too dense and also as a basis for future flora modding, I've added "real" grass (item, not terrain) as a "competitor" for the trees. Grass is a sort of space filler as although it grows faster, it also dies faster, ensuring that there are always some "free" space on the map in between trees, and also the grass itself will help to lower chance of a large clump of trees growing tightly together.


I am also thinking of (just thinking!) possibly adding something like small chance of variants appearing like wild flowers etc, which in return can spawn small critters like butterflies occasionally. So in fact, the grass is not just a single plant. It could be the start of a chain of inter-related spawners that will hopefully make the wilderness APPEAR less static. (e.g. in the future, the wild trees may also have a chance to create critter spawners like rabbit holes or squirrel nests)
Small critters are not persistent and do not breed by themselves. They are only created by the spawners will disappear (maxAge) after sometimes (so as to control the population). The spawners, though can be semi-persistent.

Other loose ideas
small critters:
- behives? (can be developed into bee-keeping industry)
- small animal spawning which can be just decorative, or useful in economy (e.g. rabbit holes may randomly spawn in forest which will in turn spawn rabbits periodically. Rabbits can be made to follow certain lures, so that when coupled with traps, can yield food or fur)
- Swamp terrain? have spawners for will 'o wisps :)
- Look at using the original plants as "seeds" to spawn a cluster instead. E.g. original wild wheat is located here and there singly. Turn the original item into a spawner so that when game starts, it will spawn a small clusters of wildwheat instead, which may improve the map. Similarly, can use <tree> or <tree2> as seeds for deciduous and coniferous forests respectively (which will include not just the trees themselves, but also grass and some wildlife). Then perhaps can experiment on a new map gen where only seed spawners are used, which will then generate all the actual items/livings when the game actually starts after map gen.

these are just ideas atm.. post here as much as to hopefully get new ideas/feedbacks and to make some sort of persistent notes for myself. No guarantee when this will become a proper mod (to me, it is still in the "experimental" stage).

Comments/ideas/suggestions/discussion or feedback (if you have actually tried my experiments) are most welcome.
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Re: [v7][MM1.02]Oak test Mod + addons:acorn,pine,keeper

Postby smithforge » Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:39 pm

A new idea under experiment: aggregated eco-subsystem

Usually, plants and animals are created as a single species which reproduce by itself (which can be very complex, e.g. chickens laying eggs). Sometimes, it can be difficult to associate some plants with some related animals, or too much effort to add in a self-reproducing critter (e.g. butterflies which are purely decorative. could be too much effort if it is implemented as a individal species and hard to keep it near flowers too).

Instead, small "critters", which are simple, do not reproduce and are short-lived, can be linked into the life-cycle of some other plant or animal, which extends the life-cycle of a species into some sort of eco-subsystem of a bunch of related entities.
Using the butterflies as example, I've done a little experiment that replaced the default flowers with new versions that has a special stage within its life-cycle such that when it flowers, it has a small chance of spawning some butterflies as well. The average population of the butterfly is controlled by the life-span of the butterfly versus the expected time period in between the spawn stage. The actual total population however depends on number of flowers (which makes sense. more flowers = more butterflies).

short video showing butterflies which appear naturally near flower patches (not placed in during map generation).
Another video showing other butterfly variants

I've also applied the above idea to trees as well, allowing wild forests to automatically generate some critters like squirrels. Since my version of trees uses living seeds with <drop>, it is actually VERY easy to add critters which spawns randomly.
Currently, the critters are purely decorative, but it can be easily modified to take part in the economy (e.g. allow hunting of squirrels to give squirrel meat or fur). The only difference from say the farm animals is that these critters cannot be produced directly from buildings or breed from the critters themselves, but instead requires the reservation of some wild plants/trees to encourage its spawning.

Currently, I am trying to reorganize all my experiments into smaller structured (optional) parts so that I can perhaps upload them as a collection (though they ARE still WIP and primarily experimental). Will probably scrap this thread and shift the contents as part of the whole collection.

Currently, I am thinking of naming the main collection as "Living World" since it consists mainly of my experiments which attempt to add (semblance of) life and "nature" into the map (e.g. forests spread, animals breed/fight, map more interesting). If there are kind suggestions on the name however, do drop me a post there. There is no prize if I use it, but it may help me save some brain cells so that I can concentrate on the content instead ;)
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Re: [v7][MM1.02]Oak test Mod + addons:acorn,pine,keeper

Postby smithforge » Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:49 am

thread to be abandoned.
new thread here
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