[ML 11.x][0.50b]More automation (walls, furniture etc)

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[ML 11.x][0.50b]More automation (walls, furniture etc)

Postby Atoning Unifex » Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:35 am

Having realised the production menu could handle automatically producing most things, I have made a simple mod that basically copies the majority of the right hand menu into it.

The effect of this is that you can automate production of walls, windows, furniture, roofs, decorations, paving and even work benches. When these items are created they are left nearby (or in an appropriate stockpile) with the red cross to show they've not been placed. You can then place them later on as you need them.

I'll be honest and say I'm not sure if there is any real benefit to pre-producing furniture or walls etc but it could be handy if you want to prepare a bunch of stuff without having to watch for people getting stuck on walls for example. Who cares, it's interesting to try out!

The menu is accessed from a sub menu of the production menu (how many times can i say menu in a single sentence!. The icon matches the production menu icon. I've removed a number of things as they will not work as expected - buildings, planting and badgers/bait creation.

Note that most walls don't appear to go into storage so will litter the place but it appears that townies will walk through them before they are properly placed.

This is a modloader mod, so install first download Modloader
1. Download this mod
2. Copy the files from the mod and put them in your Mods folder, found in your Towns folder.
3. Run the ModInstaller.bat

Files changes:
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