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Postby supermalparit » Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:53 am

Towns patch notes

Version v15 (not released yet)

Add: Information text on the contextual menu about the lock/unlock status on the piles/containers
Add: Two buttons on the pile/container configuration panel to lock/unlock all the configurations
Add: Living entities (townies, enemies, animals, ...) won't "move" like crazy childs to the enemies when fight
Add: New mayan walls (
Fix: Servers timeout response is set to 2 seconds


Version v14e (released: 1st september 2014)

Add: A way to copy piles/containers configuration to other piles/containers
Change: Normalized sound files
Fix: Glitch opening a pile/container configuration panel when other one is already opened


Version v14d (released: 18th july 2014)

Add: New image based tutorials
Add: Terraforming
Add: Floating red numbers when a living takes damage
Add: Right click over the typing panel now closes it
Add: ESC key now closes any panel (IE. Townies panel, priorities panel, ...)
Add: The possibility to load a saved game when you start a game (used on the tutorials)
Add: A way to concatenate campaign/missions once you complete the current one
Add: The regular mouse now shows the pointed area number
Change: The townies level restriction for hauling now is also used when they perform tasks
Change: Manual equipping of townies now shows a warning in front of the items that are on restricted levels
Change: Scaffolds now decay after some time
Fix: Townies now will use already built and unplaced items before the construction of new ones
Fix: If a texture can't be loaded with the current library the game will use the old method
Fix: Images from mods are loaded again
Fix: Layed eggs Skootenbeetens are now feeded with blue radishes (like the non-layed ones)
Fix: The chest image when rotated now is correct
Performance: Seed generation when you start a new game (3-15 times faster)
Performance: Monster generation when you start a new game (20% faster)

Modders: New <startingPoint> tag on the map_gen.xml, inside the <init> tag. It's the spawning point of citizens (IE. 100,100)
Modders: New <tutorialFlow> tag on the campaigns.xml. Instructions and explanation of the new tags are on top of the .xml
Modders: New <tutorial> tag on the campaigns.xml, under the <campaign> tag. It can be true or false (default). It tells the game in what menu should be placed the campaign
Modders: New <maxAgeTerrain> on the items.xml. It cointains the REAL terrain the item will turn when it dies. Used on the terraforming.


Version v14c

Add: Moebius, the new guy
Change: Update to LWJGL 2.9.1
Change: Now fullscreen mode is stored in the towns.ini property, so the game will restart in fullscreen if you leave it in fullscreen.
Change: Messages icon won't start blinking directly when a new game ist created just because of the Towns version information
Fix: An item over a zone that is replaced because an action now maintains the locked status
Fix: OSX is now supported out of the box


Version v14b

Add: Snoats now need to eat wheat
Add: Soldier level added to the tooltip in the soldiers panel
Change: Wild cactus won't die after some time (30 days)
Change: Removed the non-sense unlock option for certain items
Change: Skootenbeetens now eat blue radishes instead of wheat
Change: "Dense wind" event has been renamed to "Heavy wind"
Fix: Issue with the minimum population required for events (used in the whisperdeath event)
Fix: Now it's not possible to click on some trade panel buttons when the caravan is trading
Fix: A lock is set to the burner actions to avoid all citizens to try to burn things at the same time
Fix: The heroes with room prerequisite on a higher layer now also check for the required items
Fix: Crash when you are on the last layer and you have activated the 2D mouse

Modders: New tag <canBeUnlocked> on items.xml. Possible values are false and true (default). If false the unlock option won't appear when right click an item


Version v14a

Change: We set a minimum number of population (65) needed in order to spawn the whisperdead event
Fix: A bug in the "whisperdeath" event. Also we tuned up the number of zombies per grave from 1d2 to 1d2-1
Fix: Bone wall (block) and carving bench now aren't free to build
Fix: Rotated graphic for the Bone bed was pointing to an empty/bad area
Fix: Removed the tooltips on the invisible list of items when a merchant is trading
Fix: Graphic for the stealing wolf was pointing to an empty/bad area

Modders: New <minPopulation> tag on the events.xml file. It stores the minimum number (not a dice) of townies needed in order to spawn the event (default is 0)


Version v14

Add: Events
Add: Item rotation (right click / rotate for already built items. For items you are building, hit the key 'F' to select which direction it should face
Add: Townies will carry the newly created items (wood when chop, manufactured items, ...) to a nearby stockpile/container before performing another task
Add: Locked items can be unlocked using the contextual menu
Add: Soldiers level up
Add: Page number on the splitted menus
Add: New white fence, bone wall and bone roof
Add: Cave dungeon entrances from the edges (underground sieges can spawn from there)
Add: New audio files (caravan, immigrants and hero arrivals, shrine, events)
Add: An option to hide the user interface (default key: U)
Add: An option to take a screenshot (default key: F8)
Add: Some heroes need specific items in their rooms in order to join your town
Add: Average happiness needed to receive immigrants added to the UI
Typo: 'human remains' for 'human corpse' on the shrine action names
Change: New 3D mouse, now the user will select easily the cell he is pointing at
Change: New 2D mouse, now some cubes will appear to show when the mouse is on air (toggable from the game options)
Change: New graphics for zombies, direwolves, weretiger and golems
Change: Smaller clock item
Change: Bone torch now is build on the carving bench
Change: Underground sieges spawning is limited to the edges
Change: Mod loader now unloads the main menu texture and loads the modded one (if exists)
Change: Heroes wounded won't go explore again until they recover the full health
Typo: Verbs used when shooting arrows changed from "stick" to "shoot"
Typo: Taunting trunk "headpunch" verb changed to "headbutt"
Typo: "Hanging lamps" instead of "Hanged lamps"
Fix: Heroes stop their path if they see a better item to equip
Fix: Stuck trading items on merchant transactions
Fix: Menu splitting on some circunstances, showing different menu sizes
Fix: Caravans leaving the town when there are still transactions in place
Fix: Bug on the autoproduction panel with actions that can use several benches (fire, low fire, stove...)
Fix: Now the server functions doesn't allow some special characters
Fix: The Nuxcrown level 3 happiness is fixed

Modders: The internal mod loader now allows the modification and deletion of the stock panel tags (matspanel.xml)
Modders: New events.xml file. The instructions of how to script it are inside the file.
Modders: New gods.xml file. The instructions of how to script it are inside the file.
Modders: New entries on the audio.ini file.
Modders: <wait> tags on actions.xml now accept audio IDs without a loop counter.
Modders: New LOSPCT tag on the effects.xml. It modifies the line of sight of the livings.
Modders: New tag <addGodStatus> on actions.xml. Used to increase or decrease the god happiness (status) when townies perform actions.
Modders: New tag <maxAgeNeedsItems> on items.xml. The item with this tag won't die until it has all those items around.
Modders: New tag <maxAgeNeedsItemsRadius> on items.xml. Used with <maxAgeNeedsItems>. Is the radius where the game checks.
Modders: New tag <effectsPrerequisite> on effects.xml. Is a list of effects needed on the living in order to spawn the current effect.
Modders: New tag <freeRoomItems> on heroes.xml. Is a list of items needed by an hero on his room to join the town.

Note: There are modding features for the gods but they are not included on v14


Version v13a (release date: may 1st 2013)

Fix: Control key issue when buying/selling items to the caravan
Fix: Heroes near death won't go aid friends
Fix: Heroes won't go aid other heroes of other parties
Fix: Sacrificing animals to the shrine now works properly


Version v13 (release date: april 30th 2013)

Add: Server support for buried maps ( server added by default)
Add: You can add text to some items, and bury them!
Add: New writeable wooden signs
Add: New items, books, scrolls and a shrine, an item to revive custom died heroes
Add: Sieges have a chance to come from underground
Add: Death messages for heroes
Add: Heroes choose companions based on their morale. Companions will explore together
Add: Languages now have internal mod loader support
Add: Mods folder tip on the mods menu
Add: Sheep are added to the butcher-for-bones menu
Add: Average happiness added to the UI
Add: New happiness system
Add: Trading panel now shows the remaining trades
Add: The control key can be used like the shift key on several panels. It will add and subtract in amounts of 100
Add: Wild snoat and a snoat farm
Change: Cyclop graphics
Change: Raise and lower speed icons are now disabled when you set the min/max speed
Change: Bamboo trap damage has been reduced to half
Change: The option to pause the game when a caravan comes, now also pauses the game when the caravan is ready to trade
Balance: Fire bow stats are slightly increased
Balance: Eat a fish now fills a bit less
Balance: Fishing set happiness cooldown has been increased
Balance: Monsters' level boosted in lower dungeons
Typo: Bite/bites verbs swapped on the Exploding sprouts and bats
Typo: "it's tiny size" changed to "its tiny size" (iron short sword description)
Typo: Spanish name for the low and burnt cooking fires
Typo: Some 'accesible' words instead of 'accessible'
Fix: Allies combat log colors now are correct
Fix: Planting flowers ID in the right menu
Fix: Lag when you have many non-available orders, has been reduced
Fix: Werepig and throwing rock glitches
Fix: Now the system detects all the low and burnt cooking fires to renew them
Fix: The removal of items from containers doesn't have the "Unknown task" text anymore

Modders: New <text> tag on the items.xml. Possible values are true and false (default). Used to set an item to be writeable (tombs, books, scrolls, signs, ...)
Modders: New <lock> tag on the queues of actions.xml. Possible values are item IDs. Used to lock a bench when the action is assigned
Modders: New <reviveHeroes> tag on the queues of actions.xml. It doesn't require a value. Used to reset the dead status of the custom heroes
Modders: New <workCounterPCT> and <idleCounterPCT> on livingentities.xml. Value should be a number or a dice. Used on citizens, for the new happiness system
Modders: New <deleteCoins> and <deleteCoinsPCT> tags on the queues of the actions.xml. Possible values are a dice or a single number. Used to remove coins from the world
Modders: New submenu on the decorations/outdoor for the statues and poles


Version v12b (release date: april 16th 2013)

Add: New monster, the evil turtle
Add: New option to pause the game when a caravan comes
Change: Werepig graphics now are isometric
Change: Pathfinding now adds a bit more importance to the Z level
Change: Removing an item with the contextual menu now reveals the cell under
Change: Now the game doesn't crash if for some reason a saved game file is not found
Fix: Following livings glitches and starts to wander off screen
Fix: Mod loader issue when a mod adds new terrain types
Fix: Buried architect's tables and hanged lamps are not sold by the merchants anymore


Version v12a (release date: april 11th 2013)

Add: An option to tune the CPU level used on pathfinding
Add: Wolfy, queen of werewolves monster
Add: New graphic for the shorn sheeps
Add: Job group name on the townies tooltips and when right click on them
Add: New icon for the special decorative items
Change: Removed the butchering of reindeers from the production panel
Change: Removed the message spam when the taunting trunk casts effects
Typo: "Hobgoblin Khopesh" changed to "Hobgoblin khopesh"
Typo: "Raw reindeer steak" changed to "Raw snoat steak"
Typo: Spanish name for the Nature aid skill
Typo: Spanish description for the candle items
Typo: "Shorn sheep" instead of "Skinned sheep"
Fix: Buried harps, buried purple thrones and buried graves are not sold by the merchants anymore
Fix: Cloth and leather armors have been included to the stock panel
Fix: Shadows over stockpiles and zones on the camera level
Fix: Crash when you scroll down levels past the bottom layer
Fix: Issue rendering cells when you load a non-v12 saved game that contains vertical ladders
Fix: Glitch on the red long flags that face south-west
Fix: Heroes avoiding the level restriction when they don't have new cells to explore


Version v12 (9th april 2013)

Add: Bury system!
Add: Integrated mod loader!
Add: A way to restrict the hauling and autoequipping by layer
Add: A way to restrict the heroes exploring layers
Add: Townies happiness is showed when you right click on them
Add: Elven names for the elf heroes
Add: New living type, allies. Used on the spawned livings (sadonkeleton, ...). They can use doors.
Add: Description of items in the in-game tooltip
Change: Ladders are not needed anymore to climb 1-level underground cells
Change: Sorted military items on the equip menus
Change: Terrain cells on the camera level now are brighter
Change: Boat caravan now brings animals in a cage
Change: Plant trap won't hurt animals
Change: Vertical ladder now have connections
Change: Cooking time on the low cooking fire and the normal fire swapped
Change: Heroes dead sound
Change: Game speed now can be increased up to 5
Change: Cyclops now have a daunting scream effect. Is casted when the cyclop is near death, it makes townies to flee
Change: Softened the hard level sieges. Added a new "harder" level
Change: Replaced items by scripting now allow the placement over piles and zones
Change: Loading a wrong saved game won't end in a game crash
Change: Anvil is now on the workshops group
Change: Containers and walls now can be built in areas
Content: New walls and a dome roof
Content: Sheeps
Content: Cloth armors
Content: New animals in a cage items
Content: New heroes, Vechs and The Herbalist
Typo: Delete scaffolds typo, "Spiderite set" spanish typo
Typo: "It's essence..." by "Its essence..." on some weapon descriptions
Typo: "crush" by "crushes" on some weapon verbs
Fix: Placement of patrol points on air is no longer allowed
Fix: Issue on the actions that doesn't allow to mix moveTerrain's and pick's
Fix: Harvest orders never done if the townie starts a battle while performing it
Fix: Huge lag if no haulers and some idle townies in the town
Fix: Containers now can be sold to merchants
Fix: Improved the way townies build walls to avoid lost orders
Fix: More stable manual launching from towns.command in paths where a space is found
Fix: Crash "un-hauling" items from a stockpile
Fix: Glitch on "La Pedrera" walls
Fix: Stuck citizens after a robbery siege move some containers

Modders: New property "id" on the menuXXX.xml files. Used to give a way to modded xmls to delete tags
Modders: New property "id" on the gen_XXX.xml files. Used to give a way to modded xmls to delete or modify tags
Modders: New "delete" and "deleteContent" properties on the submenus for the modded menuXXX.xml files. Possible values are true and false. Used to remove the original content of the menus
Modders: New "delete" property on the items for the modded menuXXX.xml files. Possible values are true and false. Used to remove the original content of the menus
Modders: New "delete" property on the gen_XXX.xml files. Possible values are true and false. Used to remove the original content of the gen_XXX.xml files
Modders: New <delete> tag property on almost all the data xml files. It should contain a priority "id". Used to remove original data
Modders: Removed the <rangedCharges> tag on the items.xml
Modders: The <follow> tag now accepts comma separated values
Modders: New <castTrigger> tag on the effects. Possible values are: ALWAYS, HITTED, ENEMIES_IN_LOS, NEAR_DEATH and NOT_MAX_HP
Modders: New <flee> tag on the effects. Possible values are true and false (default). It makes the citizen/hero to flee when they receive it
Modders: New <createItemByType> on the actions.xml. This way you can create a random item (used on the new treasure chests)
Modders: New <bury> and <buryLocked> tags on the items. Possible values are true and false (default). Used to indicate the items that will be buried and the status when unbury them
Modders: New <buryItem> and <buryItemPCT> tag on the items. Possible values are comma separated item IDs and percentages. Used to know what item (just one) will spawn when unbury
Modders: New <buryLivings> and <buryLivingsPCT> tags on the items. Possible values are comma separated living IDs and spawn percentages. Used to know what livings will spawn when unbury
Modders: New <buryDestroyItem> tag on the items. Possible values are true and false (default). Used to know if the unburied item do not spawn items
Modders: New tag <allowBury> on the gen_map.xml files. Possible values are true (default) and false. Used to prevent the bury system in a map. Used on the tutorials.
Modders: New <rangedOneShoot> tag on ranged items. Possible values are true and false (default). Used on the ranged weapons monster heads


Version v11a

Change: Reduced the heroes appearing rate
Change: All the roofs but the broken one and the straw one will block fluids
Change: Cooking a fish now takes a bit longer
Fix: Health points being reset to a living entity base stats while receive any effect
Fix: Snow birds missing graphics for older save games


Version v11

Add: Citizen jobs and groups
Add: Light items
Add: Configurable FX and music volume
Add: Fishing dock and fishing set items, used for fishing
Add: Food variety bonus
Add: "Interior" roofs
Add: Possibility to set a square area for certain actions instead of a row (IE. planting wheat, building scaffolds)
Add: New customizable priorities (move_to_caravan, build_buildings and feed_animals)
Add: Toggable 3D mouse. Useful to build things on other layers than the current one
Add: New walls and, a new wooden road item, a well and a pond
Add: Ogre, werewolf, snickers, fire head and ghoul isometric graphics
Add: New living, the Snoat! (Snow goat). It replaces the old reindeers and does
Add: Flat blocks for the wheat and all the roofs
Add: Chance to idle livings to move more than 1 cell
Add: Animated living entities even when they do not move (birds, brownie bar rider, ghosts and fire head)
Add: Enemies stats when you right click on them
Add: New damage types and resistances to weapons, armors and monsters
Change: Spanish names for the armor sets
Change: Almost all the effects but the direct ones will not notify with a message when a living receives it
Change: Military items are not displayed on the livings panel if the living have the graphic change effect (IE. Citizen turned to a pig)
Change: Townies will stop the "Move to caravan" and the "Autoequip" tasks to eat if necessary
Change: Big sieges will not stuck the citizens when search a path
Change: Menu item "Delete" by "Delete scaffolds"
Change: Dynamic pile/container configuration panel
Change: Items and livings now are shadowed if they stand in a dark cell
Change: Reduced drop percentage to heads and bones
Change: Green block and green road now needs green color instead of yellow flowers to be built
Change: Wooden block and Wooden moss block removed from the utilities type
Change: Increased the difficulty of the last dungeon
Change: Bone carver item has been removed from the bone armor prerequisites (still in the menu for save compatibility)
Change: Now you can set the maximum stock you want in the "burn items" actions
Change: Military prices increased a bit. Spider bow value reduced.
Remove: Snow birds
Fix: Empty group names no longer allowed
Fix: Mini issues/typos in the xmls
Fix: Citizens no longer will change their mining point after other citizens ends their mine tasks
Fix: Crash when a citizen decides to drop an item when he just died (over a stockpile)
Fix: Incorrect coins ammount was being displayed when loading a saved game (The issue didn't affect the real coins ammount)
Fix: Occasions when a citizen has two rooms while changing personal room owner
Fix: Tooltips in a soldier panel when the soldier list is empty
Fix: Citizens won't move locked items on certain conditions
Fix: Only 1 auto-production item was placed on the queue on some circumstances
Fix: Freeze when a wounded citizen uses a 2nd level dormitory bed
Fix: Projectiles data are loaded properly when you load a game (this avoids the "null sticks null" messages)
Fix: Equipment menus are no longer partly rendered out of the screen

Modders: New <animatedWhenIdle> tag on the livingentities.xml. Possible values are true or false (default). Used on birds, brownie bat rider, ghosts and fire head
Modders: New <translucent> tag on the items.xml. Possible values are true or false (default). Used on windows and glass walls
Modders: New <lightRadius> tag on the items.xml. It allows a numerical value (default 0). Used on items that produce light
Modders: New <lightRed>, <lightGreen> and <lightBlue> tag on the items.xml. It allows the values FULL, HALF or NONE (default). Used on items that produce light
Modders: New <inverted> tag on the actions.xml. Possible valueas are true or false (default). Used on the "burn items" actions. This way the stock number acts as a maximum
Modders: Property "COLOR" removed from the graphics.ini


Version v10b

Change: Purged human remains can be used to create graves and tombs
Fix: Crash loading a save that contains "destroy flour" tasks
Fix: Issue with buildings under construction after the load of a saved game


Version v10a

Add: Samurai helmet
Change: Removed the maxAge from the wild wheat, wild sugar canes and wild bamboo. This way wild plants will not disappear
Change: Golden haste helmet is now considered a special armor instead of a golden one
Change: Market roof now uses animal hides to be built (instead of the old blue color)
Change: Iron bars now allow fluids
Change: Flood gates now has a glue tag and can also serve as a floor flood door
Fix: Position of some items in the stock panel
Fix: Crash when a citizen decides to drop an item when he just died


Version v10

Add: Fluid blocking, fluid elevator and fluid allowed items
Add: Evaporation of fluids
Add: Wind effect to plants
Add: Citizens sleeping under a roof will sleep "faster" and they will endure more time during their day
Add: Town coins on the top
Add: Flower gathering on the production menu
Add: New stockpile and container management panel
Add: New effect applied to food that gives a boost to the citizens' happiness
Add: New items: Floodgate, fluids elevator, bamboo items, sugarcane items, sugar and cake
Add: New helmets: Straw hat, wooden mask, golden mask, mayan mask, samurai mask and kerchiefs
Add: New walls: 3 new stone walls, a new log wall, a wheat wall and a bamboo wall
Add: New mountains map
Change: Improved way of droping items to avoid large paths on some cases
Change: Saved game is stored in a temporary file until the game is completelly saved. This avoids the loss of your progress if the save fails
Change: Little rest bonus for townies sleeping underground
Change: Flour burner removed from the menu
Change: Linux launcher on Steam warns you if the game can't find Java (thanks to Vince D. for testing)
Change: Brownie village area now can be tilled
Change: Unifallow feed food changed to cactus fruits
Change: Human remains will stop ghost spawning after 3 day
Change: Autoequip now randomise the item to be equipped in order to avoid mass movement to the same item
Typo: "Wild kootenbeeten" instead of "Wild skootenbeeten"
Type: "green hat" instead of "Green hat"
Fix: Main menu issue when the size of the saved games is equals to the game window height
Fix: Random freeze if the market zone contain walls and a coming caravan decide to move over a wall
Fix: Underground terrain glitches when loading a saved game
Fix: Citizens won't skip the chopping tasks when a tree keeper is attacked
Fix: Falling items won't destroy the ground ones
Fix: Townies now take into account items in containers when you order them to build an already built item

Modders: New <blockFluids> tag on items.xml. It allows true/false values. Default is false. (Used on the floodgate item and some walls)
Modders: New <allowFluids> tag on items.xml. It allows true/false values. Default is false. (Used on the 2 stone arcs)
Modders: New <fluidsElevator> tag on items.xml. It allows true/false values. Default is false. (Used on the fluids elevator item)
Modders: New <maxAgeNeedsWater> tag on items.xml. It allows true/false values. Default is false. (Used on the bamboo cans)
Modders: New <maxAgeNeedsWaterRadius> tag on items.xml. It allows a numerical value. (Used on the bamboo cans)
Modders: New <happy> tag on effects.xml. It allows a number or a dice (IE. 1d8). (Used on teh cake item)


Version v9b

Change: Added 0's in front of the hours and minutes of the saved games
Fix: Hauling issues


Version v9a

Fix: Removed the creation of wild animals in the farms
Fix: Wild animals won't turn into non-wild ones when you use them to obtain resources (IE. eggs, milk, ...)
Fix: Stuck citizens when they are trying to perform a task with some non-accessible points


Version v9

Add: Farm animals (IE. cows, pigs, ...) now need food to stay alive. Townies will bring them food when available
Add: New savegame functions. From now on all the future builds should be savegame compatible with the old ones. This also will allow us to debug easily savegames from users
Add: Multiple saves per map
Add: Keybindings and new shortcuts
Add: Military items now have a small % to have prefix/suffix when are manufactured by townies
Add: Holding shift when you sell items to caravans will make it sell in stacks of 10
Add: Added administration privileges to the game launcher on Windows. This should fix launch issues with some users
Add: Isometric yetis and froggies
Add: New bunny hat
Change: The savegame folder will be .towns/save/ (it will not use the build name as a folder to help the future savegame compatibility)
Change: Context menus are displayed over the "Mission completed" text
Change: Townies will not haul from a stockpile to a barrel anymore
Change: Options are saved every time you make a change on the main menu. The "save options" item has been removed
Change: The mill building has been removed by a new item
Performance: Improved hauling and containers access functions. That should remove the lag spikes on bigger towns
Performance: Improvement in the pathfinding. It will avoid the big increase of memory usage and some lag peaks
Typo: Gold armor spanish translation
Typo: "Name's weapon brokes" changed to "Name's weapon broke"
Typo: Hapiness -> Happiness in the Townies list
Glitch: Market roof fixed
Fix: Fluids now fall when you mine the cell under them
Fix: Some roof priorities changed to "wall construction" priority
Fix: Glitch with livings walking over road items
Fix: Scripted sounds (IE. chop) are only played if the camera is in the level where the source is
Fix: Buildings transparency now works properly
Fix: Removing fluids with the contextual menu now changes the visibility of the cells below
Fix: Livings on the fog of war doesn't receive effects
Fix: If an item dissapears during a task (IE. the low fire extinguishes during the cooking) townies will search for other possible items to use (IE. a stove)

Modders: <prerequisite> and <prerequisiteFriendly> on buildings.xml now accepts comma separated values
Modders: New <foodNeeded> tag on livingentities.xml. It contains comma separated items. Used to indicate the possible items a friendly needs to be feed
Modders: New <foodNeededTurns> tag on livingentities.xml. It contains a numerical value. Used to set the number of turns where a living starts to be hungry
Modders: New <foodNeededDieTurns> tag on livingentities.xml. It contains a numerical value. Used to set the number of turns that a living can survive when hungry


Version v8a

Fix: Crash starting the game if both FX and music are turned off


Version v8

Add: New audio.ini file to script sounds to any action
Change: Removed the <stackable> flag from statues and added to them the <decoration.outdoors> type
Change: Numbers on the production panel now have a black border
Change: Livings now are capable to move to a cell in other layer in emergencies
Fix: Typo with the low cooking fire
Fix: Soldier siege chance protection
Fix: Trade panel can be closed with right click even if the caravan is not in place
Fix: <move> actions now doesn't check on containers (this avoid stuck citizens over barrels)
Modders: New <fxDead> tag to livings to script there the audio file you want to be played when a living dies
Modders: New 'fx' and 'fxTurns' attributes to the <wait> tag on actions.xml. This way you can script the sound to be used when townies perform actions and the cadence


Version v7

Add: Cooking fire now transforms to low cooking fire and then burnt cooking fire and can be renewed at each stage
Change: "Remove scaffold" button graphic
Fix: Some jungle tiles names
Fix: Glitch near some sand blocks
Fix: Living robbery sieges doesn't make the victim drop items
Fix: "Game has been paused" message do not appear when you receive a siege and have the pause option turned off
Fix: Glitch with edge menus when you close a game and start a new one
Fix: Non stackable items now don't appear in the container management menus


Version v6

Add: Robbery sieges! (with a few new enemies)
Add: Multi-monster sieges
Add: Guard soldiers that belongs to a group move to their barracks zone when idle
Add: Arrangements to the soundtrack
Add: Credits option in the main menu
Add: New option to set the pause when a siege starts
Change: Options menu now doesn't close when click on an option
Change: Sieges now can be set as off, easy, normal, hard or insane
Change: The chance of a siege to appear now is based on several factors, one of them is the number of soldiers in the town
Change: The phrase that warns you a task could not be completed
Change: Citizens hauling items now take a break to eat/sleep if necessary
Change: Reduced a bit the pathfinding iterations to free a bit the CPU
Change: Improved the search items function (now it takes 20% less CPU time)
Change: Reduced starting coins
Change: Wooden snake sword and The trickster doesn't spam messages anymore
Change: Brownie bat rider and Fire head now evade traps
Change: Seeds removed from the "rawfood" type
Change: Jungle door removed from the "furniture" type
Fix: Issue with the display of tooltips/buttons in the livings panel
Fix: Mini glitch with some terrains
Fix: Mini glitch near pines and normal trees
Fix: Glitch with some flatten tiles (cactus and some trees)
Fix: Double bonus is no longer applied when a living equips some special military stuff
Fix: Turning ON the music while playing no longer plays the main menu music
Fix: Low performance on some machines when the "Flatten all blocks" option is enabled
Fix: Flame attack now works with ranged weapons
Fix: Saving issues solved
Fix: Repeating an order (with the Shift key) now also works with the dig commands
Fix: Wood detailer prerequisites are now ok
Fix: Stuck citizens over barrels with the eat task
Fix: Item <habitat> is not check when a caravan sells it
Modders: New tags <steal> for enemy livings, it accepts items or types as values
Modders: New tags <stealLivings> for enemy livings, it accepts livings IDs
Modders: New tag <startingPointID> for the <heightSeed> tag


Version 0.60a

Add: Strange forces have awaken in the forests
Add: Caprontos decorative architect table
Add: New option to allow the mouse scroll while hovering the edge buttons
Change: Divine armor heal effect and head crushed stun effect are modified to avoid the message spamming
Change: Stun effect name changed to "Stun attack" to avoid confusion
Change: Roof (25%)/underground (15%) time bonus when citizens use benches to take into account the multileveling
Change: "The lightning" will now look differently, shoot lightnings and have a new effect attached to
Fix: Glitches near the fruit trees
Fix: Low performance on some machines when the "Flatten blocks near mouse" option is enabled
Fix: Military items inside containers are not carried to the caravan
Fix: In some cases already died livings doesn't dissapear
Fix: Typo in spanish with the wooden armor/weapon types
Fix: Jungle mushroom will now always produce mushrooms when harvested
Fix: Ancient wall now have a flat graphic
Fix: Glitch in the bones caravan
Fix: Special armors are now shown in the correct stock menu
Fix: Road tiles connects with any other road tiles


Version 0.60

Add: Caravans!
Add: UI changed!
Add: Soldier groups!
Add: Shadows
Add: New stock panel
Add: New option in main menu to turn sieges off
Add: Options in-game
Add: Click on a message now gets you to the living that produced it (not just the point where the event occurs)
Add: Added the funtion to move back and forth through heroes
Add: Shift + click on level up/down now moves the camera 5 levels
Add: Shift + click on the production panel icons now increases/reduces the ammounts by 5
Add: Flatten blocks near the cursor option in the UI
Change: Siege enemies now choose random citizens when target
Change: The game map now is saved (and loaded) secuent
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Re: Patch notes

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